Western Steak House Kojetín

Western Steak House Kojetín

Western Steak House is an ideal place for both taking rest and business talks. Our non-smoker saloon is convenient for family fests and Sunday lunches with children.

We offer you a very stylish restaurant with delicious cuisine as well as accommodation for good prices in a newly reconstructed burgess house situated close to Kroměříž, Prostějov, Přerov, Chropyně and Tovačov.

A cheap hostel for seasonal workers situated in the backyard.


The restaurant is divided into a smoker and non-smoker part. The saloon, which is dedicated to the smokers, offers 26 seats, 4 untraditional seats at the bar are included.


You will find 24 seats in the non-smoker part of the restaurant. It is possible to increase the capacity up to 30 seats in the case of different occasions like wedding receptions, graduation celebrations etc. In the case of reserving the whole restaurant the total capacity reaches 56 places.


During warm summer months you can enjoy sitting outside in the summer garden, where your children can play.

We offer you accommodation in the second floor of the guest house, which consists of eight rooms mainly appointed with its own social facilities (a shower, a basin, a WC).


It is also possible to rent a room in the hostel situated in the backyard. It is convenient especially for accommodation of seasonal workers.


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